Nochmal der Bergwinkel

waldvoeg2 Am Samstag fuhren wir noch einmal in den Bergwinkel, weil ich die Epipactis microphylla doch noch einmal blühend fotografieren wollte. Sie war allerdings schon am Abblühen. Schade! Die roten Waldvögelein sahen allerdings immer noch toll aus.

Wieder ein toller Ausflug nach Osthessen. Ich liebe die Gegend!

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  1. Another superb post, Martin. That Epipactis is stunning and all your photos show the usual expertise. In response to your comments, I find that using flash, artificial backgrounds, tents, etc, though they solve some of the problems of photography in the field, especially macro photography, leave the pictures looking unnatural, at least to me, and I have not been able to overcome that, though I’ve tried some of these „helps.“

    Would love to go out hunting orchids and photographing them with you some time. That would be a real treat. We have some native orchid people around but none of them are really into photography.

    • Well… the pictures were taken on a fieldtrip in eastern Hesse. No flash was used most of the time. The picture of Cephalanthera rubra was a happy accident. The plant was in full sunlight as opposed to the dark forest background. The other pictures show Epipactis atrorubens (quite abundant and easy to spot) and Epipactis microphylla, which is a pain to detect. E. microphylla has almost no leaves is not all that big and grows in relatively dense forests. The last picture of the set (E. microphylla) was with flash, I admit, because it was really too dark/windy to get a picture otherwise.

      I am pretty sure, that this is going to happen. My partner keeps asking me, if we could return to the northwest (and also Yellowstone). She is more into wildlife than plants, but it is easy to get both in the US. She is a formidable Orchid spotter tho much better than I am. Meeting up would be a must. Also: if you make it to Europe it would be nice to do a few trips. I would promise at least 30species of native orchids if you came here late May, early June and we had a few days. It can even be done in a day, but then you would only rush from plant to plant and the rest of the day driving.

      Well as for photographing: Most people I know in the AHO (our native orchid association) love to do both.

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