sonnentau_sm Anfang Juli unternahm ich mehrere Kurzausflüge in Moorgebiete. Darunter eines direkt  am Kölner Flughafen und während eines Kurzausflugs in die Rhön in das schwarze Moor in Bayern. Es ist erstaunlich, wieviele wunderbare Biotope und Landschaften es in Deutschland gibt.

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  1. This is an outstanding post, Martin. Love the Sundew pictures. We have one native Sundew, a really tiny thing that I’ve only found in a couple of places, but where it grows you can’t step without walking on it.

    The Spotted Coralroot, like the Western Coralroot, is much larger than C. trifida. The Spotted runs 30-45 cm and can even be a bit taller than that, and the Western grows up to 60 cm tall.

    We rarely go on a hike without seein gthe Spotted Coralroot. It is everywhere, though some of the color forms are hard to find. It’s so common that we do not always even bother to take pictures.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The Sundew species here are very small too. The one on the picture is Drosera rotundifolia. We also have Drosera anglica and Drosera intermedia. Since bogs are very rare in Germany, the plants are also pretty rare. Weird enough, some pictures were taken very close to the Cologne Airport. The others in the Rhön mountainrange, which is a rather lovely area.

      Also thanks for replying to my questions on american coralroots. I find it amazing, that they’re so big and seemingly abundant. Our only species is pretty rare and quite small (as you know). Seems like I missed a lot in my previous visits to your country.

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