Geschafft: Dortmund ist wieder Helleborinemeister

Das Team. Dank einer starken Mannschaftsleistung hat Dortmund die Helleborinemeisterschaft verteidigt. Obwohl die Stars aus dem Schwerter Wald dieses Jahr nicht in Erscheinung traten, konnte erneut der Titel in die Ruhr-Metropole geholt werden.

3 Gedanken zu „Geschafft: Dortmund ist wieder Helleborinemeister

  1. Hi Martin,
    Interesting pictures of this species, which here is a non-native, but has established itself across the country (I’ve seen it on the east coast, in Michigan and here on the west coast). The examples I photographed yesterday are all along a railroad track which suggests that they were somehow distributed by the railroad. Interesting, too, in that I saw the same two color forms shown in your pictures, the darker form seeming to bloom somewhat earlier than the lighter form. I’m going back in a week or two since there were a few stems which were not open and showed no evidence at all of any color and I’m hoping they’ll turn out to be an alba form.

  2. Hi Ron,
    this species is one of the most widespread in Germany. It grows literally everywhere. I have seen pictures of it growing in a garage, posted in our club magazine. The pictures I took were mostly shot in the city area of Dortmund (a very populated area) close to a parking lot, in a park and by a main street.

    I have seen specimens completely lacking any chlorophyll, with white leaves and pink flowers, however those often do not survive summer and do not bloom at all. Even here in Germany they are rare. I will link a picture of one I took 3 years ago later, alas under bad conditions, bad light and no time. It would be sensational, if you have one of those and be able to take good pictures.

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