Epipactis x schulzei

epipactis-x-schulzei Auf einer Suchexkursion nach Epipactis purpurata in Nordhessen mit zwei AHO-Kollegen entdeckte Verena diese Hybride zwischen Epipactis purpurata und Epipactis helleborine. Daneben gab es reichlich Epipactis purpurata, aber von der anderen Elternart fanden wir keine Exemplare. Seltsam.

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  1. Thanks for your comments on the Epipactis, Martin. I was not aware that the flowers with the backward „curl“ were unusual, but looking back through my pictures I did discover that almost all the flowers I’ve photographed of that species do not have the „curl.“ You are very welcome to show the pictures to tohers. They are public.

    This is really unusual. The flwoers do not look much different from E. helleborine and make me wonder whether the variation in that species is not something like what one finds in the green-flowered Platantheras – a complex of forms that through hybridization shade into each other, rather than being clearly defined and separate species.

    • The depicted plant is a hybrid between Epipactis purpurata and Epipactis helleborine. Or so we think. What puzzled us, was that there were no Epipactis helleborine around, but lots of Epipactis purpurata. So indeed it is a stretch.
      Epipactis helleborine is very variable and likes to produce hybrids with other Epipactis species, so it is probably kind of like the Platanthera species in the U.S.. Currently we have lots of discussion going on, because new subspecies and new species evolving and being found.
      There are quite a few websites discussing this.

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