Rhein in Flammen – zur richtigen Zeit am falschen Ort

feuerwerk Bei mir ist es gerade etwas ruhiger, weil ich ein langlaufendes Fotoprojekt mache und deshalb die Kamera nicht freihabe. Für Zwischendurch deshalb dieses:

Am 15.9. war wieder Rhein in Flammen. Wir wollten da auch einmal hin. Ich hatte noch nie Feuerwerk fotografiert und war auch noch nie bei diesem Event.

Als wir ankamen, waren alle Zufahrtswege gesperrt und so erreichten wir mit Mühe die  Biebernheimer Höhe. Dort war allerdings eine sehr aggressive Stimmung und wir wurden mit Kamera und Stativ recht schnell vertrieben. Also haben wir uns auf den Acker gestellt und von dort geschaut und fotografiert. Sehr ärgerlich, weil weder Rhein mit Spiegelungen, noch Burgen von dort zu sehen waren.  Schade.

Erstaunlich bei Feuerwerk ist, mit welchen Einstellungen man zu guten Ergebnissen kommen kann.

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5 Gedanken zu „Rhein in Flammen – zur richtigen Zeit am falschen Ort

  1. Very nice, Martin. Not always so easy to get the exposure right on these.

    Appreciate the visits and comments and want to thank you for pointing out the unusual form of the Epipactis helleborine. The next time I see my fellow native orchid club members, I’ll let them know about your observations. I’m sure they will be interested.

    • I am not happy with the photos though. We wanted to see the fireworks from a different place, so we could also see the rhine-river and the castles, from which the fireworks were launched. This area is outstanding – even a world heritage site. Anyways… rudeness and aggressiveness of other visitors drove us away from the view, and we only got average pictures. Ah well… there is always next year.

      • Sorry about your bad experience with the fireworks and thanks for the kind invitation. We have a a daughter in Northern Ireland, so it is not impossible that we get over to the continent one of these summers. Have seen some European natives in Northern Ireland and in the Burren in County Clare, but that is it. Would love to see more.

        • The Burren is a very beautiful place. I have been there in 2009. Most of Irelands wildflowers condensed into very little area and also very impressive landscape (I love that limestone pavement), stone circles and old tombs. Very good for orchids too.
          Northern Ireland has a few good spots too (for example for your Spiranthes romanzoffiana).
          Also: I have been told that Dublin’s North Bull Island is an orchid hotspot too.
          I was gonna write up my experiences and post them here, but I keep pushing it away. Now I feel some motivation. 😉

          However: hereabouts I know my way around. Easy to organize a fieldtrip (even over a few days – if you feel motivated) and get a good number of species.

  2. Hope you make it to Scandanavia next summer and find the Fairy Slippers there. They are everywhere here in the spring. We know a site (protected) that has thousands of them and we see them on almost every mountain trail. Our variety is unique, however, and does not have the yellow beard for the vareity that’s found almsot everywhere else. We also found the all white variety this spring, a reall jewel and very rare.

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