Tja… auch die Märzenbecher (Leucojum vernum) blühen. Zwar ca. 2-3 Wochen zu spät, aber immerhin.

Das ist schon eine Augenweide in den hiesigen Bruchwäldern. Prachtvoll!

2 Gedanken zu „Frühlingsnachschlag

  1. Awesome photography and thanks for the info on the Fritillarias and Grass Lilies. From the info I found the Grass Lilies are an Ornithogallum, but perhaps that wasn’t what you were referring to. We have seven species of Fritillaries here and one of them has the common name, Checker Lily, but five million Fritillaries, that must be an amazing sight.

    If ever we are over in Holland or Germany we would certainly want you to show us around the native orchids and would love to do the same for you if ever you are in the Pacific Northwest. We have plenty of room, too, if ever you need a place to stay.

    • Thanks for the generous offer. It is always good to have somebody abroad. While in Europe, you could also crash at my place… however small it might look, it still has a guest room. Most probably we’d be on the road most of the time tho. 😉

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